Our activity

For nearly 25 years our company has been focused on emergency and backup power systems together with the required power sources. We work with design firms in the electrical industry, investors and contractors.

We manufacture a wide range of ZZR series power units, constituting complete DC / AC backup power systems - also bespoke, which satisfy unusual functional requirements, such as those encountered for industrial facilities with high concentrations of dust, extreme climatic conditions and for redundant operation. We also supply powerful inverters featuring rare voltages and frequencies.

For years we have been acting as an authorised commercial EATON partner and Cooper-Ceag partner before that. Within the scope of emergency lighting systems, we actively cooperate with electrical industry engineers and provide advice on how best to take advantage of the technical capabilities of the devices, but also how investors and investment managers stand to gain economic benefits.

Recently our range of emergency lighting luminaires was expanded by a series of EX grade lights manufactured by EATON Crouse-Hinds.

We also run training sessions and workshops which familiarise participants with the technical and operational capabilities of our equipment as well as the applicable regulations. Poland's accession to the EU prompted a harmonisation of national standards and regulations applicable to emergency lighting, and the amendments to regulations and standards entail a continuous need to update this knowledge. Workshops organised by our company together with an annual A&M catalogue which specifies the provisions of law in force at the time and which is updated with every subsequent issue are an answer to such needs.