Technical support

Scope of services

Today, successful cooperation between a supplier of technically advanced products and its customers requires professional technical support. We provide comprehensive customer services, entailing assistance and technical advice within the scope of designing emergency power supplies and systems, technical consultations on use, building surveys within the scope required by the designs and direct service tasks pertaining to the supplied products - guarantee and post-guarantee service, preventative service, operation and maintenance training for users.

A correct design, assembly of equipment, after sales care and collection of worn out hardware provide users with a feeling of safety during use of power systems. Service documentation for every supervised site includes operating histories which facilitates appropriate preventative decisions. We are able to satisfy all customer expectations within the scope of professional support as well as needs associated with the performance of services in the emergency lighting and guaranteed DC / AC power supply system sectors.

Technical support

Professional technical support, technicians brimming with knowledge and experience acquired over many years in the industry, elevate our services to the highest levels.

In the UPS battery systems and guaranteed DC /AC power supply segments we are able to supply, install and start-up battery banks. On sites which are already up and running, we happily upgrade., refurbish and dispose of used battery banks.

The basic range of services in the emergency lighting segment includes: design and technical support within the scope emergency lighting; start-up of emergency lighting systems; emergency lighting systems technical inspections; emergency lighting systems audits.

Our professional technical support has equipment at its disposal which facilitates comprehensive technical assessment of emergency lighting systems, battery condition and its state in terms of wear.


For more than 10 years tars we have been co-hosting regular technical conferences on: the principles for designing emergency lighting and the regulations as in force at present; use of maintenance free batteries; DC / AC guaranteed power supply systems, UPSs.

Trainings and workshops are presented by individuals with extensive, hand-on experience in the relevant industries. Meetings are attended by designers from electrical design studios, operations department and utilities representatives as well as contractors.

We also organise regional training sessions for interested groups of electrical designers, with the aim of updating the regulations as in force at present in the emergency lighting system segment or to present changes in our range of products and services stemming from implementing innovation.