VRLA maintenance free batteries

We supply AGM and gel technology battery banks, capacities between 6Ah and 3000Ah in standard design lifetimes according to EUROBAT, i.e.: Standard Commercial, General Purpose, High Performance, Long Life. Battery banks are a power source for emergency lighting hubs, UPS and deliver guaranteed AC and DC power.

dryfit Completely maintenance free VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries made using gel dryfit technology. The electrolyte is locked in the silicone gel structure. Such a solution guarantees top quality and safe use. The batteries feature a long lifetime, high energy density and low start-up and use costs.

AGM - Absorbed Glass Matt technology batteries (the electrolyte is locked in high porosity glass fibre separators) are entirely maintenance free. The possibility to discharge large currents means these have a wide use spectrum across many applications.

Racks, stands, cabinets

A&M racks can be used with all battery types. The racks feature galvanic zinc plating and powder painting highly resistant to corrosion. Hight mechanical resistance, easy to assemble and can be adapted to accommodate any battery type. The racks are equipped with adjustable height support insulators to enable use on an uneven surface.

Battery cabinets - 19", possible to install any battery bank - also as a Front Terminal - particularly convenient for periodic battery tests. Not much more expensive that the racks, they ensure uniform and aesthetic appearance together with AC and DC power units.

Cabinets equipped with air conditioning ensure correct battery working conditions, which extends battery lifetime, reducing power system operating costs.