Emergency lighting

In 2006 A&M MICHAŁOWSKI s.c. E.I.T.C. commenced its cooperation with CEAG GmbH,a manufacturer of centrally powered emergency lighting systems and systems with individual power supplies. Today, we are an EATON Ceag Cooper Lighting authorised dealer within the scope of emergency lighting systems, emergency lights and Ex standard lights.

We supply centrally powered emergency lighting systems, emergency lighting systems with power supplied individually to each fitting, central monitoring and control well as emergency and escape route lights. All the lamps which we supply are CNBOP (Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection) approved.

We also provide technical and design assistance in direct cooperation with design studios. We regularly hold training sessions and organise conferences.

Emergency lighting systems contractors part of our projects stand to receive on-going technical support within the scope of emergency lighting system installation and the requirements specified in standards.

Regulations as in force at present applicable to all aspects of emergency lighting design are spelled out in catalogues which we publish regularly. Detailed references to the wording of regulations and standards, together with legible illustrations and comments are highly valued by designers.